The Fragua Program is an international program, part of the St. John the Apostle Association, which forms university students to be true disciples of Christ, living out His teachings in all areas of their life and helping them, through this discipleship, to discover their mission in this world. The sign of this discipleship and participation in the Fragua Program is the annual commitment to Jesus as Master, where the Student commits to listen to the teachings of Jesus and do their best to live them out in their daily life of prayer, study, and mission.

To make your commitment is a sign of growth in your faith - to prepare through Lent we will send out a daily challenge and prayer.

The Commitment Prayer:

"Jesus, You will be my Master during this year. The classroom will be the Fragua Program and I will come as a disciple to gather with other disciples who also want to learn and live as an echo of the Word."

This is a yearly commitment, it does not pretend to be exclusive nor perpetual.

In the commitment Mass we offer ourselves and we ask the He accept our offering, and we receive His grace to live this Commitment. As a sign of this commitment during the Mass the Commitment prayer will be read and then each person will sign their Bible.

What am I committing to?

  • To read the Word of God every day, if possible to meditate on it.

  • To make the daily offerings, which represent the different dimensions of our life which we want to be molded in Christ.

  • To come to the formation meetings and circles throughout the year

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