Testimony: Walk For Life 2017

Walk For Life 2017

By Abby McCallum

This was my third Walk for Life in San Francisco and it was by far my favorite so far. With a group of 50 young people, a priest, a deacon, and a sister, we got on a bus and headed to San Francisco to walk among many others to fight against the Roe V. Wade decision that legalized abortion in 1973. This year was different from others in that it gave me more hope for the pro-life movement than I’ve ever felt before. Hope was evident among everyone in the Civic Center plaza – I was so excited to walk again for life!

When we began to walk, our group got separated and I started to feel upset because of the protesters and the things they said. But when we got toward the end of the walk, I remember seeing a group of people off to the side cheering people on. I thought “wow, that’s so amazing!” And then I realized it was my group of people! I rejoined my group, adding to their cheers and excitement.

I think we were on the side of road singing and encouraging people on for about 45 minutes. Although I thought I had lost my voice, the strength just kept coming. The energy that came from the people passing us was so hopeful – especially from the older generations, who were seeing young people embrace a cause they’ve been fighting for, for over 40 years. It was something I know I’ll never forget.

Later that night, we went to adoration. I remember feeling upset because abortion is something horrific and it happens every day, but Father Ivan said something that I had never thought about before; Even though abortion is currently legal in our country, Christ already has conquered it. My tears of sorrow changed to tears of joy! Although I know we still have work to do to make abortion illegal, and even more to make it unthinkable, I have more hope than ever before.

Abby has been involved with Newman in and out for the past 7 years. She has been involved with many programs, including the Fragua course. Currently, she is finishing her degree in Human Services at OSU. In her free time, she loves taking long walks, reading (non-school related), and dancing!