St. Valentine’s Day

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Love

By Nick Ramseth

Happy St. Valentine’s Day! With Valentine’s Day approaching, I started to learn more about him. I was surprised to learn that there are three St. Valentines and on February 14th, we celebrate two of them – St. Valentine of Rome and St. Valentine of Terni. Not much is known about them historically, but some scholars and myself believe they may be the same person. They were both bishops, healers, and evangelists. They were also both martyred during the reign of Claudius II and buried near Flaminia between Rome and Terni.

We celebrate this great saint’s life by practicing love. The secular world has very different ideas about love than Christianity. As Christians, we know that love is not a nice feeling. Love is sacrificing, big and small, for another. As Christ sacrificed for us, we should sacrifice for each other. Those who are dating or married, do something special for your significant other! This Tuesday go out of your way to do something selfless for them. Men, have some imagination and don’t just give her flowers.

For those that are single, like me, we can still practice Christian love and continue to prepare and learn for when we do date someone. Most importantly, we should learn to be joyful with God alone. The love we receive from God is all we need. The love we receive from others is purely a gift.

Everyone should date with the purpose of giving love, not receiving it. Spend this Valentine’s Day with your friends and family and do something special for them.

Nick is a fifth year Forest Management major at OSU and is hoping to have a career in environmental education. He has been active in the Newman center since his Sophomore year. He enjoys playing Pokemon games and hanging out with his friends at Newman.